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001 NAB Annual Report 2015
002 NAB Code of Conduct and Ethics
003 National Accountability Ordinance, 1999 (XVIII of 1999) [modified upto March 2010]

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National Anti-Corruption Strategy


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Fact Sheets
001 Cheating Public-at-Large by depriving number of persons of their amount deposited for hajj by Abdul Aqeel, Owner of Aqeel Travel & Tours, Nowshera Cantt.
002 Cheating Public-at-Large by Directors / Owners of Forex Co. M/S Perenials International
003 Post Office Pension Scam
004 Recovery of embezzled amount from officers of BEST NGO
005 Recovery of embezzled amount from officials of Cordaid NGO
006 Fazalullah siddiqui sentenced for 5 years of R.I. and fine of Rs. 6.0 million
007 Javed Iqbal Abbassi, Ex-Senator and Chairman District Council Abbottabad sentenced to 5 years of R.I. and a fine of Rs. 21.52 Millions
008 Ch. Muhammad Munawar, Ex-chairman NDFC sentenced to 6 years of R.I. in two references and fine of Rs. 10 Millions each in both cases
009 Shahnawaz ex-Patwari in Kalat convicted to 5 years of R.I. and a fine of Rs. 11.508 millions

Ali Hasan Shahwani, Hafeez ur Rehman (Ex-Secretaries Workers Welfare Board and Labour Department Balochistan) alongwith co-accused Muhammad Ashfaq convicted to 3 years R.I., 2 years R.I. and 1 year of R.I. fines of Rs. 2.5 millions, 1.5 millions & 0.4 million respectively


Abdul Hamid khan, Member Board of Revenue, KPK sentenced to 10 years R.I. & fined Rs. 45.45 millions